SKYLER   34 yrs.  Small Amerasian brunette. Large tattoo framing her abdomen with two guns and a skull. Motorcycle and hotrod enthusiast. Wrestler. A physically tough woman with a soft heart. Her man is her weakness. She stands firm in all aspects of her life but is constantly railroaded by her lover.
She joined the MC when she was younger and now in her thirties, feels that her life is wasting away. She wants something more. She has been Death Riders Lieutenant Road Dawg’s old lady for years and though she thought his take what I want and screw you attitude was sexy when she was young, she now sees it as a lack of respect and indicative of an attitude that will drive them straight to hell.

SASH  28 yrs. Skyler’s best friend and wrestling partner. Long dark hair and heavily tattooed. She is wild and has commitment issues but is trying to work through them. Sash loves her wild life style and is also very guarded. She is open minded to an extent but will often hide her feelings and play it cool if she is bothered by something. Though she is not afraid to love. She does have trouble putting a label on it. 

“SNICKERS”  25 yrs. short haired brunette. Young party girl. Biker groupie. Always looking for a goodtime. Acts tougher than she is. She and Sash hooked up at a party a few years back and have been friends with benefits ever since. She is also an occult enthusiast with knowledge of several dark practices. 

CHAD “ROAD DAWG” GARRISON   36 yrs. Tall gruff biker. Arrogant. Self-serving. Motivated by greed and a need for power. Liar. Loves to tell stories that make him come off like a bad ass.
He has been in the MC since he was 19 and sees himself as the president they deserve. He has self-doubts and hides his insecurities with violence and rude behavior.

“CRAZY” CRAIG MCDONALD  38 yrs. Laid back, good natured member of the group. Short in stature and bald. A thinker and a lover more than he is a fighter. His body is a bit wrecked from years of hard partying and riding. Has fallen for Sash hard. Enjoys comic relief when appropriate but is definitely not the group stooge. 

Craig and Road Dawg prospected with the MC at the same time so there is definitely a loyalty between them. As such, Craig has looked the other way on several occasions as Road Dawg continuously plots to seat himself in a position of power.

ASTRID    35- 39 yrs. Gun dealer. Cowboy hat and leather. Supplier to small time crooks and gang banger types. Jaded. Sharp tongued. No Nonsense. Will kill you at the drop of a hat. Been in prison twice and is not afraid of anyone. Use to using her sexuality to get what she wants. Though she is not a member of any club, her connections give her considerable power at the table and use of whatever man power she needs.

Murdered her brother and his fiancé when she felt betrayed. Cruel, cold, and merciless. She is not to be crossed. Her strength power to lead others comes from the fact that she is usually the trigger man herself, rarely asking others to kill on her behalf. Because of her proven murderous streak, she commands respect from the hardest of men.

TRASK  45 yrs.  7’ tall muscle bound enforcer. Long salt and peppered hair. Ex-football player. Loyal. Violent. Does not care if you are a man or a woman. Will bleed you if it is necessary. Carries a large retractable machete. 

Trask is in love with Astrid though he knows that the most he can hope for is an empty sexual encounter. He is a bit jealous of partner Ortiz, who is younger and brings out Astrid’s flirtatious nature.

Ortiz 35 yrs. A near 7’ man who is as strong as he is tall. Ortiz is loyal as long as he is benefiting from the situation. He started assisting Astrid as a way to further himself in the club.

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